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I live in sunny South Africa with my wonderful husband! During the day I am the digital editor for South Africa's largest food magazine. At night I blog about blogging and I help bloggers turn their blogs into a SEO machine and a profitable biz!
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10 Content upgrades you can add to your blog posts

One of my favourite ways to revive old blog posts (and driving traffic to them again) is by adding content upgrades to my blog posts. It gives incentive for the reader to click through to my blog post and it is a great way to add new value to an old blog post so that search engines will crawl through the post again and index it accordingly. Yay for traffic, and yay for a SEO boost! Content upgrades are also great if you are trying to build a mailing list. Offering content upgrades will give your readers incentive to sign up to receive your newsletter. I’ve read of many bloggers who grew their email list by more than 60 - 600% just by adding content upgrades to their most popular blog posts. Whenever you…

10 Content upgrades you can add to your blog posts
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The Blogger’s Guide to Search Engine Optimisation

The ultimate guide for bloggers - The Blogger's Guide to Search Engine Optimisation You know you need to start implementing SEO right now. But are you totally and completely stuck and overwhelmed as to how to start with SEO? SEO doesn’t have to be icky, scary, intimidating or overwhelming! In fact, I’ve found that implementing SEO techniques and strategies early on to be the best thing I could have ever done for my blog and business. It’s not too late though. Even if you have been blogging for 5+ years, you still have time to get you’re A into G and start kicking some SEO butt! Never? Yesterday? The other day? Once, many moons ago? There’s that word again. SEO. What on earth is SEO? If the thought of SEO gets you down, I…

How to Define Your Blog's Target Audience
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5 SEO Practices to Take Note of in 2017

SEO is not dead. Some people predicted that SEO will die in 2017, but trust me, SEO is still going strong. And it is now more important than ever for bloggers and creatives. In this post, I will discuss 5 SEO practices to take note of in 2017. Why? Because SEO is one of the cheapest ways to drive traffic to your website. Organic search results are one way of ensuring you get traffic to your website without spending any money on ads. According to Forbes, almost “40% of customers find the company through search”. In my humble opinion, it is worth the time and the effort to take note of SEO practices to ensure you are always one-step ahead of your competition! P.S. I feel like I should warn you, but this post…

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How to Define Your Blog’s Target Audience

The first step to marketing your blog is to know who your target audience is and to know exactly how to market your blog to your audience. When defining your target audience, start small. There is no use in trying to conquer the world by making the whole world your target audience. The key to building your audience is to zone in on a smaller audience. Why? And here’s the good news, folks – you only need a few people in the world to pay attention to you, your blog and to read your blog. Forget the world, conquer those who are looking for the answers only you can provide! [Tweet "The key to building your audience is to narrow down exactly who you are writing for. "] They key to defining your target audience…

How to define your blog's target audience
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My top 10 blog posts for 2016

Yeah, I know, I am probably a little late with this one, but rather late than never, right? I also just recently (i.e. last night) wrote down my planning for 2017! Yes, we’re nearly at the end of January, and I only now got my stuff together to start with this 2017 blogging year! Anyway, since everyone is doing a round-up of their 2016, I decided to do a round-up of my top 10 blog posts for 2016. 2016 was a really strange year for the blog. In 2016, I finally decided to change my blog name and spent the last 6 months of 2016 redesigning and moving my blog from the old www.glamorousglitter.co.za to the new www.imkawebb.com. Because I have a full-time job which I absolutely love (I am the digital editor for…

top 10 blog posts for 2016
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