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5 Ways to slay your goals, every single day

I’m a list-maker. In fact, I am a serial list-maker. I have lists and lists and lists of things I need to do, things I need to buy, things I need to read, things I need to watch, things I need to research, etc. I have a list for just about EVERYTHING under the sun. Sometimes, I even have a to do list for my to do list. And often, this can be overwhelming. Lists are great, don’t get me wrong, but having a bunch of empty squares on my to do list at the end of the day freaks me out. So, I set myself a new task – find a simpler, easier way to manage all of my tasks and to slay my goals, leaving all of the stress and overwhelm behind.…

5 Ways to slay your goals
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5 Simple ways to optimise your old content for SEO

I recently had a chat with a good friend of mine around the topic of SEO and what makes content SEO-friendly, and whilst I write about SEO all the time, it came to my attention that many people only recently started implementing SEO. Whether it is because they only recently realised the value of SEO, or because we’re kind of behind the times with stuff here in SA, we’d never know. The point is, it is never too late to start implementing SEO on your blog or your website. Chances are that if you have been blogging for a while, you already have a ton of content on your blog that may not be optimised for SEO. And chances are that these content pieces receive traffic (from social media, newsletters, etc).  If you receive…

Owner at Imka Webb SEO
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How to SEO your blog post – the 2017 edition

I spend a ton of time online. So much time that I am even embarrassed (read: scared) to admit how much time I actually spend behind a laptop screen. But, my time spent online is not in vain. It is during my online hours that I get to hang out with you. During these online hours, I get to learn more from you, and I get to learn about your wants and needs. One thing that comes up over and over again in my chats with you guys is… How to SEO your blog post. I get you. SEO can be confusing and with the wealth of information out there, it can also seem intimidating and complicated. I used to feel exactly the same way. When I started my very first blog, I used…

How to SEO your blog post
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14 Blogging mistakes you are making – and how to fix them

Without starting this blog post of with a super long intro, I will give the short of what it is about – blogging mistakes. When I first started blogging, I made a ton of mistakes. So many, in fact, that I closed my first blog and started again! And because I work with many new bloggers, I can see the same mistakes I made in their blog strategy. That’s why wrote this post – to help bloggers learn from the mistakes I (and many others) have made. 14 Blogging mistakes you are making – and how to fix them P.S. This is a long post, so grab your favourite cuppa and get settled in before you take on this beast! 1. Your blog posts are not titled correctly Many bloggers don’t understand the importance…

14 Blogging mistakes you are making – and how to fix them
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How to optimise your blog posts for SEO without a SEO-plugin

I’m not easily frustrated. People who know me know that I am a very happy go lucky person. But if there is one thing that will really make me pull my hair out, then it is when bloggers rely on SEO-plugins for their search engine optimisation (and then even dare to complain that the plugins aren’t really doing anything for them and claiming that SEO is rubbish or bogus). There is so much more to SEO than a simple plugin. If it was that easy, then there wouldn’t be people out there making tons of $$$ by helping businesses with their SEO. Yes, plugins are helpful, but I cannot stand it when bloggers simply install a plugin and cross their finger that magic will happen. I am not in any way anti-plugin. I have…

Blogging Mistakes I Have Made And How I Fixed Them
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