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Blogging Ebooks

Are you struggling to grow your blog and get word about your blog out there? Do you spend hours and hours writing the perfect blog post and then having no people come to read your blog post? Have you built quite the following, but have no idea how to turn your blog into a profitable business? Know what social media is, but have no idea how to use it to grow your blog?

Don’t worry! You are not alone. I receive these questions via email daily and that is why I decided to create a library of blogging ebooks for blogger babes and lady bosses, just like you.

About the ebooks…

SEO tips and advice for bloggers…

In The Blogger’s Guide to Search Engine Optimisation, I discuss everything bloggers need to know about SEO. You will learn what SEO stands for and why you need it, how to set up your blog for SEO (WordPress), how to find SEO keywords for your blog posts, how to write SEO-friendly blog posts, how to write SEO-friendly blog post titles and more…($7.95) Click here for more information.

 Blog Marketing Guide…

In the Blog Marketing Guide I discuss everything I have learnt about marketing my blog over the last 6 years! Al of these strategies are easy to use and easy to implement blog marketing techniques that will get your blog read, turn readers into followers, followers into subscribers and subscribers into customers and clients. The marketing techniques discussed in this ebook is not your traditional, textbook techniques. I’ve twisted and changed these techniques to fit within the blogger industry and can be applied to any genre or niche. No marketing knowledge required. These techniques are easy to understand and easy to implement. And I guarantee you that you will see results faster than you could have ever imagined! ($7.95). P.S. If you sign up to my newsletter, you will receive a copy of the Blog Marketing Guide FREE. Click here to subscribe.

 A free ebook, just for you…

Building a successful blog is hard work! My head starts to spin sometimes when I think about everything that goes into creating a successful blog. In the Transform Your Blog in 7-Days free ebook, I have broken the important stuff down into little bite-sized chunks. In the book I have included some tasks and worksheets, as well as free blogging printables for you to help you on your blogging journey.

How to build a successful blog…

The longer I blog, the more I realize that there are so many people out there like I was– looking for a creative outlet, wanting to start or grow a blog, thinking of ways to help make some income for their family, but just not knowing where to start. I wanted to help, so I started writing. I wrote and wrote and wrote until I had written down every single thing that I’ve learned during my time blogging… and Building a Framework was born.

Important note: 

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