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SEO Workshops

I am very excited to announce that I will be hosting several SEO workshops in Johannesburg during September, October and November 2017. These easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow workshops are aimed at bloggers, side-hustlers, creatives and small business owners who are looking at ways to explode their traffic and their income. During the workshop, you will learn more about the basics of SEO and will be equipped with all the skills you need to master on-page SEO. YAY YOU!

I will also share my most-valuable resources and tips with you to ensure that you can easily implement SEO on your website or blog, no matter what niche you are in.

Another great thing about these workshops is that absolutely NO PREVIOUS SEO KNOWLEDGE is required.

Here’s what you will learn…

What is SEO and why do you need it?

How to find SEO keywords

How to write the perfect SEO content piece

How to create your own SEO strategy

And so much more.

book my spot at imka webb seo workshops

More info…


September: 9 and 23 September

Time: 08:30 to 11:30

Cost: R550 per person

Only 5 people per workshop*

Snacks included

Venue: TBC (Joburg North)

All workshops are limited to only 5 creative individuals, allowing you to engage and ask questions to ensure you get the most value from the workshop.

When you attend the workshop, you will receive a workshop booklet filled with a selection of tools and resources to get you started and inspired. During the workshop you will learn how to use these tools and resources, and receive measurable steps and actions to implement from day one.

We’ll also be doing great giveaways during the workshops.

Too book your spot at any of my September workshops, simply send me an email at

Not sure if this workshop is the right fit for you? You can also pop me a mail and let’s discuss.







Looking forward to hosting, sharing and networking with you all!

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