10 Content upgrades you can add to your blog posts

One of my favourite ways to revive old blog posts (and driving traffic to them again) is by adding content upgrades to my blog posts. It gives incentive for the reader to click through to my blog post and it is a great way to add new value to an old blog post so that search engines will crawl through the post again and index it accordingly. Yay for traffic, and yay for a SEO boost!

Content upgrades are also great if you are trying to build a mailing list. Offering content upgrades will give your readers incentive to sign up to receive your newsletter. I’ve read of many bloggers who grew their email list by more than 60 – 600% just by adding content upgrades to their most popular blog posts.

10 Content upgrades you can add to your blog posts
Whenever you write a new blog post, consider whether you can add a content upgrade or not. Content upgrades are not only great for updating old content, but it is a great way to drive traffic to a new blog post!

Here are 10 content upgrades you can add to your blog posts:

1. Checklist

One of my favourite ways to break up a long blog posts is by adding a checklist to it. Checklists are especially great for how-to posts with a lot of steps. It makes it easier for your readers to follow along, as well as implement your advice. Checklists are also super easy to create (I mainly use Canva).

10 Content upgrades you can add to your blog posts

2. Mini ebook

Mini ebooks are especially great if you sell ebooks as part of your business. You can upload a sneak peek of one of your ebooks as a content upgrade, or bunch a few of your best blog posts together in the form of an ebook and offer that as a content upgrade.

3. Motivational posters

There is nothing I love more than pretty quotes in beautiful frames. And quite often, I find these quotes as free printables on someone’s blog. If you have a few statements you live and die by, turn them into beautiful posters and offer that as a content upgrade in exchange for an email address.

4. Resource list

Everyone in any sphere of life has a bunch of resources they cannot live without! Create a resource list in your favourite design program, add some links (it is a great place to add affiliate links) and offer that as a content upgrade.

5. Organisational printables

I am obsessed with planning and organising which means I have a printable for just about everything. From a social media planner, to a calendar for every aspect of my life and a to do list that go hand-in-hand. I love it and you can bet your biscuits your readers will love it too! Abby from Just A Girl and Her Blog does an AMAZING job at offering organisational printables as her content upgrades.

10 Content upgrades you can add to your blog posts

6. Video tutorials

Create a video to further explain the topic at hand, or to share a behind-the-scenes, or make a how-to video. Don’t be shy!

7. Stock photography

Oh em geeh! I absolutely cannot get enough of stock photography and nothing sets my heart a flutter like a free stock photo. If you are a photographer, this is a great way to show off you work, and to give people a taste of what you have to offer.


8. Mini ecourse

Course creators, this one is for you! If you are planning on launching a super awesome online course in the near feature, it is great to put feelers out there with a mini ecourse launch. It is great to determine whether your readers will enjoy your course, or just o get some feedback.

9. Templates

Designers, this one is for you! Whether you design clothes or websites, you can add a template as a content upgrade. My favourite templates are social media image templates, mood boards or media kit templates.

10. Resource library

And if you offer a whole lot of the above, then why don’t you create a password protect resource library with all of your content upgrades? In order to get the password, your reader needs to provide their email address and once they sign up, they will have access to all of your amazing content upgrades.

10 Content upgrades you can add to your blog posts

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Remember, it is okay if someone unsubscribes from your email list right after they have downloaded the freebie. Why? Because they weren’t the people that would use your product, they simply signed up for the freebie, and that’s that. If your readers stay on after downloading the freebie, count them as your tribe and know that those people are your loyal readers and that they are most likely to purchase any of your products.

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