Blogging Mistakes I Have Made And How I Fixed Them

When I first started blogging, I literally had NOOOOOOOOOOOOO idea I was doing. I mean, I knew how to write an upload a blog post and all that jazz, but I didn’t really know much else about this world called blogging.

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At the beginning of the year, I did a little review and analysis of the blog over the last few years and I’ve realised that when I started blogging, I did a few things that could possibly have damaged my blog and my brand a little. And because I don’t want you awesome peeps to make the same mistake, I decided to share my mistakes with you and also tell you how I fixed them.

4 Blogging Mistakes I Have Made And How I Fixed Them 

  1. I wasn’t on social media.

In the beginning, I didn’t realise how important social media was. In fact, if I have to be honest, I couldn’t give a damn about social media. It was the last thing on my mind. All I wanted to do was blog and hope and pray that I will get some exposure. And I didn’t really care about much else. But, what I didn’t realise at the time was just how important social media was for gaining traffic to my blog.

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  1. I didn’t blog regularly.

I expected my blog following to grow with minimal work from my side. What I didn’t know was that not blogging regularly, I didn’t allow myself to build a community or build a “tribe” of loyal readers. Some months I would blog once every week, and other times I would only blog every three months. Not because I didn’t have time to blog, but mostly because I thought that blogging was easy. I just had to put a blog post up once in a while and the readers and money would flow in. WRONG!!! Only when I started blogging regularly and on schedule did I see my stats growing. Not only did I gain more regular readers, but I now have a community of bloggers that read my blog. My stats are growing daily and I know this is because I started blogging regularly.

  1. I didn’t answer any comments on my blog posts and I didn’t comment on other’s blogs.

Comments? What comments? At the time, I didn’t realise that taking the time to answer comments on my blog would help me grow a loyal readership. I also didn’t know that writing heartfelt comments on other blogs will possibly lead to gaining more readers for my own blog! And more importantly than that, I didn’t realise that commenting was a great way to build a relationship with other bloggers.

  1. I didn’t care about my blog design and images on my blog.

Another thing I didn’t care about was how my blog looked. I didn’t understand about readability or design and I didn’t realise that having a user-friendly site will help my blog. For me, the most important thing was putting content out there. Once I started thinking about my blog, the design and the layout and I made minor changes to the layout, I saw an increase in my readership. And when I decided to do a complete overhaul of the design of my blog, keeping my readers in mind and focusing on how they would use my site, I saw my traffic shoot through the roof. A well-designed, easy to use and beautiful blog is the key to creating a blog community and driving traffic to your blog.

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Did you have the same experience when you first started blogging? What did you do to make your blog better? Let  us know in the comments below.

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