It’s been a quiet Sunday around the Webb household. After the crazy week we had, it’s bliss just getting to sit down and relax. I’m currently stretched out on the couch whilst the hubby is cheering on USA in the RWC. And in this (semi) peace and quiet, I decided to catch up on some blogging admin and to write a brand-spanking new post for you!

Today’s post is another blogging tips and advice post.

Top 5 Things Your Blog Needs to Be a Success

Guys, I’ve quit this blog 4 (FOUR) times. I’ve given up on blogging because I never knew what to do, or how to do it. I felt frustrated and angry. In December 2014, I finally kicked my A into G and decided to kick things up a notch, or two or three and I haven’t looked back since. (I have a blog post about this coming soon).

During this time, I’ve constantly asked myself: “What do I need to make my blog better?” and I’ve done all the Google searches, pinned all the pins (Do you follow me on Pinterest yet?) and followed many a tutorial, and finally, I figured out the top 5 things your blog needs to rake in the readers. Are you ready? Ready for what? To kick some butt. Blogging butt, that is. (Seems like the RWC-spirit is real in the Webbies household – too real).

Anyway, off to the reason you’re here:

5 Things Your Blog Needs To Gain More Readers

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1 An About Page

When new readers first land on your blog, and they like what they say, they might be tempted to learn more about the person behind the kick-ass blog. And that is where your awesome about page comes in handy! Writing an about page for your blog can be super hard (who really likes talking about themselves for 500 words?) but it is absolutely essential to your blogging success.

I’ve written a full post about writing an about page for blogs here, or you can download my ebook (fo FREE, yo) for great tips and advice on writing an about page for your blog.



2. A Contact Page

If you blog to make connections and network with other bloggers and your readers, then this page is also vital. Creating a contact page that converts is absolutely imperative for your blogging success. Have your email clearly visible on this page, as well as other places on your blog and whilst you’re at it, add a Contact Form to your contact page too. When companies want to work with you, they don’t want to search for your contact information, so make it clearly visible (preferably have a tab in the menu bar of your blog).

3. Social Media Links

Social Media is all the rage right now and it is a flippen great way to attract readers and drive more traffic to your blog! Having your social media links clearly visible in your sidebar is a great way for your readers to get in touch with you on a daily basis. Building a relationship with your readers is vital for your blogging success. Your readers might be a brand’s biggest asset (slogan, anyone?) so focus on building those relationships using social media.

4. Visual Appeal

Oh yes, even the blogging world is based on appearances. Now, before you grab your pitch and forks, allow me to explain. Beautiful design and great visual appeal leads to a greater reading experience for your readers. When a blog is easy to navigate, easy on the eyes and absolutely beautiful, your readers will continue to come back for more (even when you are not posting anything that day). Make sure your sidebar is clean and ordered (no one likes clutter) and keep those ads and popups to a minimum. Nothing annoys me more than having a gazillion ads on a blog and five million popups to click through in order to read the post. Even in the blogging world less is more so keep it simple and keep it clean.

5. YOU!

Yes, you read that right, your blog needs YOU to be successful!Without your sexy voice, sense of humour, fun quirks and fantastic content, your blog will just be words on a screen. Add a little bit of your personality to your posts, tell a background story, or a joke or two. Make sure your readers can see you and your personalities through the screen! Glamorous Glitter wouldn’t be Glamorous Glitter if it didn’t have my voice and my personality. Add a touch of yourself to your blog, make it personal and watch your readership and views grow. Why? Because people come to your blog for (1) information and (2) an experience, so give them the experience of a lifetime whenever they click on your blog.

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And there you have it, my top 5 things your blog needs right now to make your readers fall madly in love with it!

What other tips and tricks do you have for bloggers? Share it (and your link) in the comment section below.

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