5 Ways to slay your goals

I’m a list-maker. In fact, I am a serial list-maker. I have lists and lists and lists of things I need to do, things I need to buy, things I need to read, things I need to watch, things I need to research, etc. I have a list for just about EVERYTHING under the sun. Sometimes, I even have a to do list for my to do list. And often, this can be overwhelming. Lists are great, don’t get me wrong, but having a bunch of empty squares on my to do list at the end of the day freaks me out.

So, I set myself a new task – find a simpler, easier way to manage all of my tasks and to slay my goals, leaving all of the stress and overwhelm behind. Not so easy, I might add, but truth is, once I started making these small changes, I’ve noticed great change in my daily routine, stress levels and overall health and wellness.

5 Ways to slay your goals, every single day

5 Ways to slay your goals

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1.     Put yourself first

So often I was extremely overwhelmed by my to do lists and everything that needed to happen that I was too tired to do anything. I spent most of my days taking naps, my hair fell out in clumps and I was just grumpy and angry the whole time – until I made the decision to put myself first. If I wasn’t going to look after my health and well-being, my business was going to suffer and I couldn’t let that happen. So, I made a change. Whenever I wrote something on my to do list, I asked myself the question: “Will it benefit me and will it make me feel good doing this?” If the answer was yes, then I would do it. If I answered no to any part of the question, it wouldn’t make it on my to do list – whether it meant losing clients and money, I couldn’t sacrifice my health and happiness any longer. This small change gives me more energy, more passion and more love for my life and my job every single day. A healthy life is a happy life.

2.     Keep your goals small and manageable

It is as simple as breaking your goals into smaller chunks and making it happen. For every big goal I have, I think about 5 – 8 smaller goals I can achieve in order to reach my bigger goal. This not only makes it easier to manage, but ticking those smaller goals off is so satisfying! For example, if my goal is to earn $100 000* in the second half of 2017, I would break my goals down as follow:

  • July – earn $20 000 by getting 3 new clients and selling 50 ebooks.
  • August – earn $16 000 by getting 1 new client and selling 30 ebooks (usually August is a quieter month)
  • September – earn $22 000 by getting 4 new clients and selling 100 ebooks (a month of new beginnings, people are staring new and consuming more info, making changes to their life so this is a good month for making up the gap I lost in August and making a little more money.)
  • October – earn $20 000 by getting 3 new clients and selling 50 ebooks.
  • November – earn $20 000 by getting 3 new clients and selling 50 ebooks.
  • December – earn $15 000 by getting 1 new client and selling 100 ebooks(December is usually a little slow with the festive season and therefore I try to earn as much money towards reaching my goal before December).

*Totally made up numbers just to give you an example of how you can break down your goals to make sure it is easier to manage.

Smaller goals also help me stay motivated. And like I said earlier, it is extremely satisfying to reach those smaller goals and see your bigger goal get closer and closer.

3.     Write it down

I have sticky notes with my goals all over my house. I am sure it drives everyone nuts, but seeing my goals in front of me wherever I go gives me so much energy to just make it happen – it is also great to keep me accountable. If you have your own office, make a goal board where you write down all of your goals and the ways you plan to reach those goals. Be as creative as you wish – I have adorable sticky notes and colour craft paper and I spend some time making my goals look pretty using different colours and fonts and crafty bits – it is almost therapeutic in itself. If I want to look at my goals, I want to achieve them.

4.     Reward yourself

As soon as I reach a goal, I reward myself. Whether it is something as small as a pamper day at the spa or something big like a week away with my husband, I always try to reward myself when I see a tick box appear next to a goal. Rewarding myself for a job well done is a great way to re-energise myself for the next goal on my list, and the reward is always something that keeps me motivated for reaching my goals.

5.     Get yourself an accountability partner

I fully believe in getting yourself an accountability partner – someone who is in the same field as you, someone that motivates you and someone that you can learn from. It is also important to ensure that your accountability partner is someone you can 100% trust. I’ve had two accountability partners who stole my ideas and plans from me and used it as their own. It’s a low blow, but I learnt so much from the experience. My current accountability partner understands me, understands my business, keeps me motivated, energised and is always there to give some valuable business insights and advice.  We learn from each other and we inspire each other, when the going gets tough, we get planning!

BONUS: Just do it!

Yup, I had to throw this in there. Just do it. Instead of making list after list after list (exactly what I used to do), I have made the decision to just do it.

What are the ways you slay your goals? Let me know in the comment section below.

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