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Hi, I’m Imka Webb, owner of Imka Webb Digital Marketing

My love for digital marketing started way before Facebook and Twitter came into this world. It all started in my small bedroom in a small town in Johannesburg, South Africa with my dad’s computer and dial-up Internet.

The moment that dial-up connection started up and the old-school Google-page opened before me, the possibilities were endless.

I could travel the world from the comfort of my own couch. Coffee and croissants in Paris? Done with a simple Google search. Need some advice on how to sow that dress for the dance? Done with a simple Google search.

Back then, search engines and social media were not too sophisticated, but I was intrigued in the mechanics by it all. How does it work and how can I use this to my advantage?

From there, my love for the digital space grew and I did my best to learn more and more about the digital marketing landscape. Whenever a new content management system launched, I would spend days figuring it out. When Facebook, Twitter and Instagram took over our lives, I spent every waking hour figuring it out.

I did courses, chatted to people in chatrooms and read about digital marketing as much as I can.

I started my first job in the digital space as a SEO specialist in 2014 with a large e-commerce company. In 2015, I started Imka Webb Digital Marketing and since then, I have helped several small to medium businesses elevate their digital marketing strategies, helping them reach their clients and customers where they are!

Before I work with my clients, I spend time getting to know you and understanding your business. I help you set your goals and understand what you need to do to get there. I am passionate about the work my clients do and it excites me to grow flourishing businesses and brands online. My experience working across many industries prove vital to my clients’ SEO and social media success.

I have extensive knowledge on writing copy that converts and a great understanding on how to write for your audience and search engines.

At Imka Webb Digital Marketing, I provide a dedicated service to each and every one of my clients. When working with me, you can expect a hands-on approach. I am reliable, trustworthy, deadline-driven and passionate about you, your business and digital marketing!

Let me help you grow your thriving business by taking care of all of your digital marketing needs and requirements.

Benefits to my clients.

I am personally involved in all areas and aspects of your digital marketing strategy and execution.

I am able to adapt quickly when there are any changes in algorithms.

I get to know your business and brand to ensure I portray and project your vision, mission and voice accurately online.

I am extremely deadline driven and organised.

I am an excellent communicator.

I am trustworthy and reliable.