5 Things All Expert Bloggers Do to

Write the Perfect Blog Post

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We’ve all wondered about this at some point during our blogging careers and I bet we’ve all googled “the anatomy of the perfect blog post” (I know I have). In our strive to perfection in our blogging careers have left us all wondering about the perfect blog post, what does it entail and how to write the perfect blog post.


In this post, I have turned to the experts and I analysed their blog posts to see if I can come up with the anatomy of the perfect blog post. In this study, I looked at 10 bloggers and I analysed their blog posts and I came up with 5 things the experts do to make their blog posts stand out.


ANatomy of the perfect blog post


1. They create catchy blog post titles!


Numbers grab people’s attention, so when you write your blog post title (which you should always do first) try to include numbers to draw your readers in. Something like “5 killer ways to write a blog post” will do much better than “how to write a blog post”. By Regina is the perfect example of catchy blog post titles. I can never resist opening one of her posts, because the titles are so catchy!

When you write your blog post title, keep your ideal reader in mind, What are their wants and needs? Can your blog post help them? Which words will grab their attention? Always, always think about your ideal reader when you create blog posts and blog post titles.

Another thing to remember is to keep your blog post titles short and sweet, but punchy! The ideal blog post title is no more than 70 characters long so try and be as descriptive in 70 characters or less. Summarise your heart out, peeps!

Some great blog post title ideas for you:

  1. The Ultimate Guide to _________
  2. 5 Ways to _______________
  3. How to __________ in _________ steps
  4. How I made _____ in __________
  5. Create _____________ in ______________
  6. The easiest way to ___________
  7. 10 Unique ways to _____________________
  8. 33 Things you need to _____________
  9. 5 essentials you need to ________________
  10. How to ________________ right now (fast)


You can download Blog Post Title Templates here.


2. They know how to tell a story!


Guys, I cant tell you how fast I will close the browser if I land on a blog post and the writer cannot tell a story! Stories draw people in. It captures their attention. It makes them want to read more about you. Knowing exactly how to tell a story will leave your readers clicking that “read more” button and leave them spending hours on your blog.


Content is the main purpose of your blog, right? (Unless you have a photography blog, of course). When writing content, think about those writing prompts you learnt in school (never thought you’d use anything you learnt in school, right? WRONG!).


Start with an introduction – introduce the problem and let your readers know you plan on solving that problem. You can introduce the problem via tagline, paragraph or story. My favourite is to tell a story (and I know my readers love it too).


Writing is like painting a picture for the reader and telling a story that they can relate to will totally draw your readers in and make them fall in love with you and your blog!


3. They write long and engaging posts!


Now, I know people don’t like reader long post (and tend to get bored halfway), but the truth is that people do in fact like to read long and engaging posts. Especially when they are looking for tips and advice on solving a problem.


Most expert bloggers recommend writing a post that is between 800 and 1500 words. Some even went as far as writing a 3675 word blog post. And you know what? It works! When people are looking for ways to solve their problems, an in-depth post will definitely do the trick. And when you add an engaging story and give the reader a glimpse into your life, you can make magic happen in 800 to 1500 words.


4. Their blog posts are optimised for SEO!


SEO! Wow, I feel like I talk about SEO a lot on the blog! It is something I am very passionate about and it’s something that is so easy to understand and to implement. Knowing exactly how to optimise your blog for SEO is a great way for you to grow your blog and to make it stand out above the rest!


You can read my post about SEO here:

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SEO Planner РFREE printable 


5. They have a killer call to action and they create engagement!


Know how to engage with your readers at the end of your blog post! You can do this in various ways – by linking to related content, by asking questions or adding a strong call to action.


If you are selling a product, a strong call to action is the perfect way to end a blog post. If you are providing your readers with a solution to the problem, ask them if they have experienced the same problem before and ask them how they plan on fixing things. And if you simply have nothing else to say, link to 3 – 5 related post at the end of your blog post.


The key is to keep your reader engaged and the longer they spend on your blog, the better!

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