How to define your blog's target audience

How to Define Your Blog's Target Audience

The first step to marketing your blog is to know who your target audience is and to know exactly how to market your blog to your audience. When defining your target audience, start small. There is no use in trying to conquer the world by making the whole world your target audience. The key to building your audience is to zone in on a smaller audience. Why? And here’s the good news, folks – you only need a few people in the world to pay attention to you, your blog and to read your blog. Forget the world, conquer those who are looking for the answers only you can provide!

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They key to defining your target audience is to narrow down exactly who you are writing your blog for and to understand those people. Knowing who your target audience is and how they behave is a key part to your successful marketing strategy! Zoning in on a small group of people interested in your niche is perhaps the best way to grow your blog. Why?

Because these are the people who will come back to read more, spread the word about your blog, and buy your services and products. These people will become your brand ambassadors, selling your blog to other potential readers, who will in turn, talk about your awesome blog to their friends and family. People with the same interests stick together (birds of a feather…) and therefore, by zoning in on your target audience, you will meet their needs and you know that they will definitely spread the word about your blog, your product or your service.

If you have been blogging for a while, chances are that you already have some sort of blog following and audience and therefore you know exactly who your target audience is. But, it’s okay if you haven’t got it all figured out yet. Finding out exactly who your target audience is, is not as difficult as you think it might be.

So, how do you define your target audience? There’s a whole lot of things you need to know about your target audience in order to meet their needs better and to ultimately, build that cult following that you crave.

Here’s a list of things you need to know and understand about your audience:

Age – Knowing the age of your target audience is a key factor in focusing your content, product and services towards their needs. If your target audience is between the ages of 18 – 25, you can assume that they are colleague students or young professionals and therefore it is easier for you to design your blog, product and service according to their needs. Yes, there might be someone who is younger or older, but knowing the average age of your target audience will help you tremendously when developing your online space, products and services.

Gender – It doesn’t matter if you are blogging only for men, or only for women, or for both, but, by knowing who your target gender is, you can better understand their needs and target those.

Language – Language is important for those of us creating products and services. Knowing what the primary/secondary language of your audience is, can help you when you are writing your next ebook or course, increasing your chances of success.

Location – Remember when I said that you shouldn’t try to conquer the world? Knowing exactly where your target audience is located can benefit you in so many ways – whether it is determining when to publish posts, launch products and services, or be active on social media.

Hobbies and Interests – Again… birds of a feather flock together. Understand the hobbies and interests of your readers will help you better understand their needs and therefore enable you to create content, products and services targeted to what they are interested in.

Habits – Knowing what the habits are of your target audience can help you take actionable steps towards reaching out to new readers, clients and buyers and can also help you create a good user experience for your readers. Know and understand their reading habits and social media habits and use that to your advantage.

Likes and Dislikes – Finding out what your audience like and dislike is a great way for you to build your brand. Do they prefer a clean design? Do they love photography? Do they prefer a blog that is easy to navigate? Knowing what draws them in and what puts them off will help you design your blog, product and service according to their needs and will in turn help you build a bigger and better audience and sell your products and services.

So, where do you find all of this info?

This handy little tool called Google Analytics. Google Analytics saved my butt on numerous occasions and by paying attention to what it is telling me, I learnt so much about my blog and my audience.

Here’s exactly how easy it is to find out who visits your blog using Google Analytics:


Using Google Analytics to Define your blog's target audience

How to Define Your Blog’s Target Audience

Simply go into your Google Analytics account and click on the “Audience” section in your left hand sidebar.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what each of these sections in the “Audience” tab tells you:

Overview— A quick overview of the users on your site. 

Demographics— The age and gender of your audience.

Interests— Your readers’ interests divided by affinity and marketing categories.

Geo— The languages and locations of your audience. 

Behaviour— Your audience’s behaviour. Here you will find a comparisons of new and returning visitors, how often return visits occur and how long visitors spend on your blog. 

Technology— The browsers, operating systems and networks your audience use to visit your blog. 

Mobile— A breakdown of mobile devices used to visit your blog. 

Custom— Reports you choose to see.

Users Flow—A look at how your readers move around your blog.

All of the above mentioned points can help you narrow down on your target audience and build something that they will love. Catering to their needs is the best way to build your brand! Understanding their needs and wants is also a great way to design a blog, create content and sell products or services they crave!

Interested in knowing how you can use this info to market your blog? Then The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Blog is for you! Check it out here.

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