There are a number of different elements when it comes to building brand awareness. One of the fundamental and possibly the most important building elements is Social Media.

The different Social Media platforms are often misunderstood or used incorrectly, which can cause frustration and confusion. Here are a few simple steps to help you build and improve your brand awareness using Social Media.

Four proven strategies to build brand awareness using Social Media

Get the basics right

A solid strategy is the foundation to any Social Media success. Before you get going, explore the different platforms, decide which ones are right for your audience and then focus on those. Flesh out the platforms correctly, adding in all the relevant information including, and most importantly, your website address.

Define your target market, you may even find you have a different target audience for each of your platforms. For example, your Instagram audience might be slightly different to your Twitter audience. The key is to understand who they are, what their movements are and how to communicate with them on the different platforms. This doesn’t mean that you have completely different messaging for them but it means that there might be slight differences in the words, images or times you post.

Understand your platforms and curate your content accordingly. For instance, different platforms have different image dimensions and Twitter only allows a limited number of characters in the text.  Facebook Ads don’t allow more than 20% text on an image and Instagram doesn’t allow links in the copy of the post. Things like these are important to know before creating your content as they can leave a lasting impression on how your fans view your brand should you be posting incorrectly to the platforms.

Set your goals and KPI’s (key performance indicators), refer back to these and readjust your strategy if necessary. Remember, goals are non-negotiable but how you get there can be improved and changed according to your KPI’s.

Create consistency

Build a brand identity and follow it through across all your platforms, including branding, colours, tone, and voice. Consistency makes your brand recognizable and familiar, this is a foundational importance in building brand awareness.

Create consistency in the type of content you post and the regularity of your posts. For example, don’t do three posts in one day and then nothing for the rest of the week. Spread them out and make use of scheduling apps if necessary, Facebook has its own scheduler but for platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest look at options such as Hootsuite or Buffer. Many of these scheduling apps have a free basic option as well.

Have a conversation

Create interaction by speaking to your fans, not at them. Think about what they are likely to engage on and have a conversation with them. Engaging and interacting with your fans will create resonance with your brand.

Think of the bigger picture

As important as it is, Social Media should form part of a bigger overall marketing strategy. Create a smooth flow for your fans, taking them from one platform to the next, clearly communicating with them as they go through the sales funnel. A smooth flow instils trust and comfort, which is exactly how you want your customers to feel.

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