As I’m writing this blog post, I know I am going to get a ton of hate emails and comments from people. As a beginner blogger, you’ve probably done some research on how to start a blog and somewhere along the line, you have read that before you start your own blog, you need to find your niche, which simply means you need to find a focus for your blog and stick to that focus. Finding your niche is kind of like trying to fit yourself into a box and allowing someone to glue it shut, not letting you leave.  

It's okay to have a nicheless blog. Here's why
Anyway, moving away from sinister murderous things, back to the point of this article – you don’t need a niche to be a blogger. I’ve been thinking about finding a niche for my blog a lot recently and I finally came to the conclusion that I don’t have a niche. Glamorous Glitter covers a variety of topics, from beauty to fashion to DIY and recipes, and recently blogging tips and advice. I mean, I write about anything and everything that pops into my mind. I don’t fit into the beauty blogger world, and I am definitely not a fashion blogger. I don’t just post about the food I make or eat. I discuss blogging and the blogging world with my readers occasionally. I guess you could consider Glamorous Glitter a lifestyle blog, if you simply must define it. But, the fact of the matter is, I have a lot to say about a lot of things and only one blog to share it all.

The cold hard truth, however, is that Glamorous Glitter is a niche-less blog! And I know I am not alone. There are many bloggers out there with a nicheless blog. Many of these blogs are extremely well-designed and many of these “nicheless bloggers” are actually professional bloggers and make a living from their “nicheless blog”. That being said, being a nicheless blogger will probably not get you the big sponsored posts you are longing after, or that 6-figure income others blog about. But, being a “nicheless blogger” means you get to blog about what you want, when you want. You can be as creative as you want to be, or as boring as your mood feels.

So, how can you make “nicheless blogging” for you?

First things first – why do readers come to your blog? To take something away from it. So, provide your readers with fun information – whether it is a story about your life, a recipe or advice. Blog about whatever you feel like, but leave something for your readers to take with them. Blog about what aligns with your interests. if you love knitting, write a tutorial on how to knit a perfect winter scarf. Balance your personal stories with tutorials, etc and make it a fun experience for your readers. Your readers come to your blog for you, so create that relationship without losing a part of your personality in the process.

Share something your readers can relate too. You know that time you went shopping for body wash and came out the store with everything but the body wash? It happens to so many people, so telling your readers about that will allow them to engage with you and tell you about that time they did the exact same thing. Your readers love a glimpse into your life, so sharing these moments of weakness with them is a great way to build a relationship with your readers and keep them coming back for more.

Another fun way you can own your nicheless blog is to do a feature. On Monday, you can blog about your latest manicure, Tuesday you share a recipe, on Thursday you can blog about life’s lessons and on Friday you can blog about a fun activity for the weekend. Blogging regularly creates that feeling of trust between you and your readers and your readers will always have something to look forward to. Don’t forget taking good pictures, though! Having high-quality pictures on your blog will leave your reader reading more posts on your blog, and it will leave them coming back for more. And more, and more.

fall in love with your nicheless blog
That being said, you should definitely clearly organise your content. Create a few categories and make it easy for your readers to find the category they are after. Think about it this way: On Tuesdays you share your favourite recipe with your readers. And I just so happen to be a foodie who enjoys cooking. The truth is, your makeup reviews will probably not be of any interest to me, so where would I find your other recipes, without having to scroll through all of the content on your blog? Make your categories clear in your sidebar, and easy to navigate. That way, I can scroll through all of your recipes without having to read through the content that is not of any interest to me.

it's okay to have a nicheless blog.

Lastly, be your own niche! Not everyone wants to fit into a niche, and that is okay! You are allowed to be your own kind of niche! You love cooking, makeup, travelling and arts and crafts and you just so happen to want to blog about all of that, and it is totally fine! There are many nicheless bloggers out there who are totally rocking their nicheless field! There is enough room in the blogosphere for all of us to have our little space. Let the bloggers blog. There is no need for you to feel like you are not good enough – embrace the fact that you colour outside of the lines. Call yourself a nicheless blogger or a lifestyle blogger, if you need to, but never ever feel like you need to put yourself in the middle of fours walls simply to fit in with the stream! The blogging world has no rules and regulations! Write about what you love and share it with the readers that love you! It’s cool if you are a beauty blogger, or a fashion blogger, or a lifestyle blogger because that means you found your niche, but many of us never find it, and that is okay!

So, go ahead, rock your nichless blog and have fun with it! Colour outside of the lines – you are your own work of art.

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